Azbro official site of online store

Hello everybody! Today I received the most long-awaited dress from the official site of online store Azbro. I wanted it for so long, but the order was all postponed and postponed until later. And, still having ordered it, I was worried that they would be wise with the size / fabric. Ordered at the end of September. It's October 6th. This is very fast and cool! We look parcel: It does not smell; Fabric — a combination of smooth and texture; High-quality fittings. The belt is suitable for any other cardigan / dress. From myself — made an extra hole to wrap up as in the photo in the store. This dress is the most inexpensive of these dresses. I relied on reviews, but I also consulted with the store. In the end, advised size M. And rightly so. I came rather S and a half. Sits slightly free, sleeves are not too tight. Despite the militaristic orientation of the style, the dress will be appropriate everywhere! I can’t even imagine where to go there. Holidays / parties / corporate parties — yes, the office — too, theater / museum / walk — will do. It's just awesome! I advise you to look at this versatile and beautiful thing and the official site of online store Azbro. Thank you all for your attention!