Elabelz official online store

Greetings dear ladies! Today I want to share with you a review of the wonderful warm dress that I purchased on the official online store Elabelz. I already had time to blame him, and I was not left disappointed. The fabric to the body was very pleasant, it was very warm. It was sometimes even hot in the room. I'd like to note that the dress came incredibly good quality! And in just 2 weeks to my city. Regarding what kind of fabric, I definitely will not say, but that this is not synthetic I will say for sure. It cost about $ 27. For the money this is a very good dress, you can go wherever you want. The dress has already been washed, nothing absolutely happened to it. The form is not lost. In my rather big growth, for me personally, it is not short. In general, I was pleased with the purchase on the official online store Elabelz, I have been wearing a dress for about six months.