Elabelz official site

Hello! I have long wanted to buy a dress with a collar at a reasonable price. And once I came across such a dress on the official site Elabelz. It was then worth $ 35. I read the reviews, I thought, and still decided. As it turned out not in vain. The store quickly sent the goods and the dress quickly arrived — within three weeks. Sewn very well, without complaints, without jambs, there was no smell. The fabric is certainly not very dense, but does not shine through. According to the dimensional grid, I was approached by size S but ordered M for parameters 86-68-90, and it was very good that I ordered a size larger, since S would fit and emphasize all the flaws in the figure. And M sat perfectly a little loose, but the fabric fits the figure well. In general, I advise the dress and the official site Elabelz, too. In this dress, at least somewhere, you can go to work, but you can also to a festive event, because at the expense of the collar it looks more elegant.