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Not so long ago, once again decided to change my smartphone. Well, my choice is limited, as always, I buy only Xiaomi, my last gadget, namely RedMi 3x, has already appeared, two years of trouble-free active use gave me my own, without hesitation, bought a new model Xiaomi RedMi Note 4x on the official site Etoren, the difference is only in the size of the display and is slightly different in terms of the case. The rest is like two clones. The smartphone is thin, about 8 millimeters thick, the buttons are not dribbled, they are planted tightly, and indeed the body is very well assembled, there are no gaps, backlashes, everything is tightly and correctly planted. The body of metal, it is good, the smartphone because of this strong, from the bottom, in the end of the row of holes for the microphone and mono speaker. There is a finger scanner, double ice flash and camera. The camera is excellent, the pictures are clear, bright, without blurriness and dullness. He used his smartphone as a registrar, the flight is normal, takes off when driving fast on a car without jerking. The firmware is standard, with the MUI shell, I love this shell, many free themes, wallpapers, widgets. There are updates by air that regularly come out. The battery with very active work is enough for me for two days. It's just great, I do not live with a rosette in an embrace. There are no complaints about the work, as always, it's not buggy, it doesn't tupit, applications run and open quickly. Many settings for the convenience of work, works great TalkBack. The light sensor is not buggy. When talking, the screen is clearly turned off, the sensor too, there are no clicks on the cheek during the conversation, so discomfort. The smartphone is very successful, both in quality and price, if you are looking at smartphones, then pay close attention to this gadget, after you buy it on the official site Etoren — you will definitely not regret!