NewChic Global Shopping Festival 11.11

This time in the NewChic store, I ordered myself suede Suede Lace Up Fur Lining Warm Ankle Boots. By the way, this is a Chinese store, so if you are opposed to all of this, then I can not interest you. I personally have nothing against Chinese shoes and clothes. Now my wardrobe consists of just such things, which I am absolutely not ashamed of. Boots acquired during the sale of Global Shopping Festival 11.11 for $ 18.49. Sold in different shades. Delivery takes about 20 days, delivered without a box, but in a good anther. Suede shoes or the type of that, of course there is nothing natural in them. The outer material is pleasant to the touch, in appearance of good quality. But here the carcass of the shoes is as if cardboard, with bending visible creases, it is almost unrealistic to return the shoe to its former shape. The sole is good, rubber, but not flexible. There are thorns, so as not to slip on the snow or ice, but in fact they could not be verified. It's a pity to walk such brand shoes. Inside the boots have a lot of fur, the insole is also fur. But this is synthetic, so it will quickly settle down and is unlikely to be heated. Laces very much. They are a beautiful shade, harmoniously look on the background of light shoes, not too long. Overall, the boots look good. The seams here are even, all parts are symmetrical, there are no traces of glue outside. In general, if you evaluate the appearance, you can put five plus. I have these shoes in size 8. The foot came up, but end-to-end. When the fur settles, it will be better. The width of the legs are perfect, tighten tight. Naturally, they can be worn only in dry weather or when a snowball is trampled down. At temperatures below -3 it will be cold. The shoes are not bad, but still it is better to buy NewChic during sales. Thanks for attention.