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In winter, I love spacious and cozy things that immediately remind me of evenings spent under a rug with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Ruthless time flies, December has long since entered into its rights and, in general, everything is not so bad, only a little bit of spring remains and it will be spring. And in spring everything is always easier, everything is always easier. And ahead of Christmas, New Year. So many pleasant holidays, days, worries, meetings. Be sure to buy gifts in advance, plan everything, prepare delicious things! After all, the holidays must pass in joy. Personally, I just adore all this pre-New Year bustle: decorated shop windows, Christmas fairs, gifts, bows, lights and many Christmas trees. And this smell is a delight! I do not know how to specifically name this thing from the official online store OASAP — a coat or cardigan. For a cardigan too warm and voluminous, for a coat — too irregular. Nevertheless, the thing is wonderful and incredibly cozy, although it is impossible to wear it on the street now, because it’s pretty cold here, so I often wear it at home if it's cool. Choosing a fireplace in my room, I somehow immediately imagined myself in front of him in this cardigan. And you know, even from such thoughts only, it immediately becomes especially comfortable. I still have incredibly wonderful home uggs at home, they are red and with deer. Together with this cardigan will look pretty damn cute. Cozy all of December and January! The price of Tribal Print Long-Sleeve Open-Front Woolen Coat cardigan is about $ 64. Coloring only beige. The inside is very soft, warm and cozy. Wrapping him after a shower, for example, is a pleasure. Overall, well done. I have no complaints about the quality. I will recommend to everyone the official online store OASAP.