Sammydress coupons and promo codes

Hello girlfriends! Today I will show you my favorite dress, which I decided to order at a discount coupon from the Chinese site Sammydress. Enjoy more than a year. I really liked it: from the appearance of the fabric to how it sat on me. I feel comfortable in it and I feel like a doll. On the website there were a lot of colors for dresses to choose from, but the style was the same. I liked the look of the dress: a tulip skirt, short length, sleeves like a tank top and a round neckline. I chose the coloring in bright colors, and the drawing is truly summer. So, my dress is white with blue butterflies and black divorces. The order came to me very quickly — in two weeks. Everything suited me, I did not even think about opening the argument. Everything was perfect, I was lucky. Although, the dress itself is capricious. So, the dress on the front looks like this: A fresh summer dress with an interesting pattern along the entire length. But this is just the front. Behind the back is completely white, but on the skirt the pattern continues. I really liked this idea. The fabric is insanely beautiful, light, breathable, not translucent. The material from which the dress is made — Jacquard. In the hottest weather in this dress is not hot at all. This is absolutely a summer dress for the appropriate weather. The dress does not stretch at all. It is simply sewn according to certain parameters. And if you fit these parameters, the dress will sit perfectly. In case of failure, the dress can not be altered. It is sewn as if to sharpen, exactly for miniature girls with non-puffy breast forms. I had a size M, less I just did not dare to take. And she guessed. By the way, the size of M is on the parameters of 86-72-80 centimeters. But at the waist I was a little big dress. By the way, the store indicated that the sizes may vary by 2-4 centimeters. Information about the size was indicated on the inside of the back. The dress came to me in the package. Everything was neatly laid, the dress had no unpleasant smell, no threads were sticking out. All over the dress, the seams were well made. A hidden zipper fastens the back of the dress. The length of the zipper is to the waist. Here, too, everything is neatly stitched, the zipper is inserted correctly. I washed the dress so many times. It did not sit down, did not change color, white color did not stain. In the dress I feel comfortable. I feel like a girl in it and walk-fly like a butterfly. By the way, I bought this dress for only $ 7 for Sammydress promo code. Great summer version turned out.