Sammydress official site of online store

As always, I learn about everything new from the Internet, namely, from users. The girl showed herself a blouse and said that it cost $ 1 + free shipping. Of course, it’s hard to believe that there are such prices. And there really are, on the official site of online store Sammydress — prices really are. There are lots with a price of less than $ 1. For not very rich and pretentious expanse there. In stock and clothing: women's, men's and children's, all for the home, kitchen, bedroom, children's toys, jewelry, watches, cosmetics. I really needed a skirt for a shower on the child’s head, so that some water in her eyes wouldn’t fall, and I found her there, I was very happy. The quality there is normal, the parcel averages $ 5-8 for 10-15 pieces. I advise you to at least look at the official site of online store Sammydress.