Soufeel official online store

Bracelets with charms look very nice, although I don’t like silver, but it’s really sunk into my soul, it really doesn’t look cheap. Before ordering read the reviews, someone writes that they took the jewelers for examination, there is not much silver there, but silver is in the charms of their Murano glass. In principle, these charms bribed me. On trial, I ordered myself a green murano glass charm from a sale and how lucky I was that my taste coincided with the sale on the official online store Soufeel. Long thought at the expense of the bracelet, it was a pity to give a certain amount of dollars for the bracelet, choosing between silver and leather, but there the difference was not large and it turned out that there was also a discount on the silver bracelet. And in general, very often there are different discounts, great deals. The site has not only charms, but also earrings, bracelets, chains and the like. Delivery in the region of 6 dollars, it came to me for free, because from 49 dollars delivery is free, you could choose one of the charm offered as a gift, I chose blue with pebbles, though I heard that they can fall, but it wasn’t better. Compliance with the picture on the site is 100%, everything on the site is very beautiful and colorfully decorated, technical support quickly responds, they are very polite and understanding. I mistakenly ordered a bracelet with a diameter of 17 centimeters, I had 19, I wrote them, they changed everything, no problem. True, the order was collected for a long time, but it went to Germany for 15 days, as it is written on the site. Everything came in a regular package, inside it was a black gift box for jewelry and it contained my order and a small cloth to clean the jewelry. Nothing is crumpled, not broken. Of course, I will order more, because I want to collect my bracelet, perhaps only at their intermediary site, prices are slightly lower and the minimum order amount for free delivery is less than $ 10. But if you are looking for a bracelet, it is cheaper on the official online store Soufeel.