Whatlovely coupons and promo codes

I fell in love with this dress at first sight. It is so beautiful, so green, so flower, so bright. There are a few more colors in the Whatlovely online store, but they didn’t make such an impression on me as green. The store sent it very fast delivery and after 20 days I took it out of the mail package. I bought a dress at a discount coupon for almost $ 19, a little expensive, of course, but the dress is worth the money! It completely coincided with the photos on the site, which is already cool. But to this I will add excellent quality, bright rich color and the absence of molting during washing. And it is a strange way for me! How many did not measure the dresses of this style — I always remained dissatisfied, but I really like the way this dress sits. The fabric is similar to rayon. Smooth, but does not cling to every roughness on the skin. The wrong side is pale. Chiffon decor made of decent chiffon, not wrinkled and sewn exactly. But for all its virtues, the dress is crumpled and highly electrified. It is treated with ironing and antistatic, so I do not consider it to be a net minus. Stroking on the mode for synthetics and did not burn anything. I took the size L — it is the smallest there. But on L it doesn’t pull — ideally suited my 42nd. At 160 centimeters — not short. In general, I recommend to buy dresses for promo codes online store Whatlovely. Thanks for attention!