Zaful official online store

Hello! I want to show you one more of my new clothes from China in blue. These are stunning high-rise shorts. If you look closely, you can see on them a print in the form of a large cell. And he is now very relevant. Ordered on the official online store Zaful. The cost is $ 16.99. The shorts are sewn of cotton, tactile sensations reminiscent of cotton. The composition is not listed here. But I assume that this is a mixture of cotton and polyester. According to the tactile sensations, the fabric is of high quality, pleasant, not too delicate, it resembles thick shirt cotton. The fabric does not stretch. Quality tailoring worthy. The seams are worked out with white thin threads. The lines are clear, smooth, the edges are processed with overlock. Included is a belt of the same fabric as the shorts themselves. A single thread stuck on it. Shorts have an unusual cut. At the waist there are undercuts that simultaneously form the fabric assembly. Because of this, shorts should be fitted, but looser around the hips. The idea is very interesting, I would be completely satisfied with it, if I had studied the dimension table more precisely. I chose the size of M, believing that it is worth taking with stock, as usual. But this option turned out to be great for me. I have a waist circumference of 65, hips — 90 centimeters. Shorts sit loose, even fall down. But if you tighten them with a belt, it will look good, but not in the way we would like. If you take into account the quality and design, these shorts can be estimated by the highest score. But with the size you need to be careful. The official online store Zaful I will recommend. Thank you for watching!