Zapals official online store

Hello! It is time to change the phone, asking around friends and relatives came to the conclusion that Oukitel U7 Plus has a reliable Chinese phone, as it was with three of my relatives and they all have been using it successfully for over a year. I did not think for a long time, I ordered a smartphone on the official online store Zapals. I waited for the purchase of 14 days, it is very good for delivery from China. Everything came in a neat little bag in which something was hanging loosely. My heart sank when these sounds were detected, but it was just charging that was checking out. The very same phone was firmly and securely fixed in the box. Bought for $ 85.49. But the child took it from me on the first day. I had to buy a second one. I ordered another same phone. In operation, the phone is unpretentious, the print does not work well, does not respond 50/50. I liked the photos from him, with good lighting in general are excellent. It lies comfortably in the hand, it is large for the pocket. My sister hung up hard for about a month after the purchase, but my only one time and then after a heap of photos without a flash drive. Cleaned up the memory and everything is ok. The memory card is well supported, 32 Gb without problems. The disadvantages include only the lack of color, now you can buy only gray and not very large selection of covers. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase on the official online store Zapals, I recommend this store and Oukitel.